Whether you are:

  • an OEM seeking to effectively include welding consumables (filler-metals) in your MRO e-procurement program;
  • A distributor looking for an up-stream supply chain partner who can help you more effectively deploy your Vendor Managed Inventory [VMI] market share growth strategy;
  • an OEM seeking to aggregate your spend on stainless steel, copper and copper alloys - and re-market these commodities to your outsourced manufacturing suppliers;
  • or a distributor implementing a supplier relationship management e-procurement demand flow planning and execution approach -
  • COMPRINOX can add significant and sustainable bottom line value to your programs.

Comprinox, partnered with Genacom www.genacom.com running on NTT/Verio's Tier 1 Internet-backbone is poised to plug-in our global sourcing network of specialty steel distribution partners into your private trading network

Tell us about your IT infrastructure and what we need to do to get aligned with your program: